My tent flipped last year and I’m grateful!

My tent was old and leaky, but hanging in there. It was an EZ-UP that I purchased in 2003 from Sam’s Club.  It lasted until 2012 — and I probably do 15 to 20 outdoor shows a year!

It was a freaArt In The Barn Poster 2013-page-001k accident while setting up for Art in the Barn last year.  I had just staked in two legs when a gust came up, filled my tent like a parachute and flipped it over my car, parked nearby.

Why am I grateful?  Because the kind organizers fit me into an inside space in one of the historical buildings on the grounds of Good Shepherd Hospital.  So that’s where I will be again this year — and now that I see some rain in the forecast for Saturday,  I am doubly grateful!

And yes I do recommend EZ-UP tents if you have limited car space and set up by yourself.  Just be kind and patient to your tent and hopefully you will have good luck like me!

Look for me in the Mill Room #7

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Fingerless Gloves on review

Here’s a sampling of some of the fingerless gloves I have on hand.

If you are interested in purchasing a pair please email me.

feltwerker (at)

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Wreath Making Workshops

Get your scissors out, practice threading that needle and let’s make some fabulous wreaths out of repurposed wool felt.  Three workshops coming up.  No special skills needed.  Each workshop is standalone and all materials are included.   Click here to see wreath workshop details.

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Downtown Downers Grove Art Festival

repurposed suit and leather tote

Sep 7 – Sep 8, 2013 • Sat & Sun 10-5
130 Juried Artists
Located in downtown Downers Grove at the intersection of Main Street and Burlington Avenue.

Amdur Productions, in cooperation with the Village of Downers Grove, presents the 37th Annual Downtown Downers Grove Art Festival. Free and open to the public, the Downtown Downers Grove Art Festival features original works from more than 130 juried artists in a variety of mediums. Exquisite examples of ceramics, jewelry, glass, photography, paintings and more can be found at this FREE outdoor art festival. With prices ranging from $20 to $2,000, the Downtown Downers Grove Art Festival promises something for everyone!

Find out more on their website

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It’s Bucktown Weekend!

My piles of scraps and the beauty of wool are contant inspiration to create new felted objects.  This time one of my inspirations was having some old suits hanging around – so now I have a new bag to show you.  Hope to see you at one of these fun events.  Enjoy the weekend!


Bucktown Arts Fest, August 24th-25th 11am, Senior Citizens Park, FREE

This fest has got it all! Great art, fun performances and a personality all it’s own.  Originally starting with four neighborhood artists, the now 27th annual festival offers art, music, poetry, theater and dance. The festival benefits the Bucktown Fine Arts, a non-profit organization providing arts and education programming to the Bucktown/Wicker Park area.

2200 N. Oakley, Chicago, IL

Look for me in the northwest corner of the park #26

Celebrate Labor Day at Septemberfest!

43rd Annual Septemberfest in Schaumburg

 Septemberfest logo
Saturday, August 31 – 10am to 10pm (Arts & Crafts – 10am to 5pm)
Sunday, September 1 – 9am to 10pm (Arts & Crafts – 9am to 5pm)
Monday, September 2 – 9am to 9pm (Arts & Crafts – 9am to 5pm)
Robert O Atcher Municipal Center; Schaumburg, IL 60193
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End of Summer Festivals

Perfect weather for a super fun and fr*ee art and music festival in Rogers Park.  The music is usually interesting, lots of exciting art and a very supportive public!   Look for me on Glenwood the cobblestone street, just south of Lunt in #19 — near the Heartland Cafe!

Come and see my new scarf design and some fun new bags.

Easy access with public transportation.

Find out more on their website or check out the facebook event


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Why I should take pictures of my work!

You probably already do take photos of your work, but if you don’t let me tell you why I want to get better at documenting my work.

A customer stopped by at a recent show and pulled out a pair of gloves that she had purchased from me in the past. When I saw them I was shocked that I had never made that style again.  I had almost completely forgotten about making them.  And I love them!

I’m sad to say that this has happened more than once – without taking pictures there’s very little chance that I will remember all of my designs.  But I am so thankful to all of my customers who come back and remind me of what I have forgotten – it’s such a nice surprise to meet my work again!

Red Fingerless Gloves with Buttons

Red Fingerless Gloves with Buttons

So this is a picture of what I like to think of as my George Jetson gloves – although this go-round I am adding buttons!

I looked for some Jetson’s images online and for the life of me cannot figure out why my gloves remind me of the Jetson’s, unless it’s the dog’s collar!

Take a look

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Arts In Bartlett – Last Show til August!

11th Annual Bartlett Festival of the Arts

This is my last show in the Chicagoland area until August come out and see some of my new scarf designs.


June 29th and 30th

Bartlett Park
10AM to 5PM
102 N. Eastern
Bartlett, IL

An outdoor juried art show with 50 artists fills the park with a variety of paintings and drawings, photography, jewelry, sculpture and metalwork, ceramics, and mixed media art.

Entertainment on the main stage includes singers, dancers, folk, rock and classical groups, ensembles, with “after hours” rock and blues bands, playing until sundown. The World Tent features drumming circles and a henna artist.  Food vendors and a beer and wine tent near the stage make this a great place to hang out all day.

Kid’s art tent, artists will donate an inexpensive piece of artwork that children can purchase for as little as a dollar.

Look for me in #33 in the middle of the park opposite the stage.

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A perfect day in Chicago for Art Fairs!

Today is absolutely gorgeous, I almost wish I was participating in an art fair today, but just as thrilled to have time to spend in my garden, which has been sorely neglected the past couple of years.   Can’t wait to plant my tomatillo and eggplant seedlings and install my garage sale purchase of a brand new in-the-box drip irrigation system (actually I could wait to do that, but now or never.)

Celosia golden and burgundySo if you are already done with your gardening and going to the farmer’s market here is a terrific line-up of art fairs and events taking place this weekend in Chicago

Old Town Art Fair one of the nation’s best is 64 years old this weekend truly for the art lover!

Well’s Street Art Fair this is Old town’s wild younger sister at only 39 years old look for art, music and beer!

Midsummer Fest – this street fair features lots of art in one of my favorite neighborhoods for walking and sightseeing.  Lots of restaurants and shops.  Make sure to check out the Galleria which features many different artists all under one roof.

Bellwether not so much art fair as an art happening!  This one is brand new and a mixed bag of art, performance art, vintage, music, food and drink.

Have a great weekend!

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My sweater won’t felt!

Eco Friendly WoolOne of the trials and tribulations of being a sweater hunter is that many times a sweater just won’t felt.   Here are some of the reasons I think they won’t felt:

  • not labeled – you rolled the dice and took a chance —  so not really wool or it’s machine washable wool
  • Labeled as machine washable, definitely will not felt
  • the knit is just too delicate or the stitching too airy so the fibers can’t grab onto each other and tangle
  • Mislabeled? Sometimes they are labeled as 100% wool and the label states dry clean or handwash only.  Looks like a perfect candidate for felting, but doesn’t felt

So if it’s not one of the above reasons, what do you do?

100% Wool?

If the label says anything less than 100% wool you are taking a chance that it won’t felt.  The closer you are to 100% the more likely that the sweater will felt up perfectly.  The care instructions should say hand wash only or dry clean.  If it says machine washable, it will not felt.

Make sure your water is super hot!

When I bought a new washing machine (the cheapest, most basic I could) it came with a water saving feature.  I am all for saving water, but even when I washed on the HOT cycle the water was barely lukewarm!  So test your water make sure it is actually hot!  If it isn’t you could fill your machine manually with a bucket (make sure you don’t fill it any higher than the machine would, otherwise it might not empty out correctly).  You can also turn off the cold water feed to your machine while the machine is filling and then turn it on again after filled (otherwise it won’t work in the rinse cycle).

Longer Agitation

I generally do the first attempt at felting at a shorter cycle maybe 10 minutes of agitation.  If that doesn’t get it started on felting I will do it again and maybe add five minutes to the agitation.  I will keep washing it on longer and tougher cycles until I’m sure it will not felt or it starts to develop holes.

Use the least amount of water and soap

Unless your fabric is dirty, just use a little bit of detergent, sometimes as little as a drop will create a lot of suds.  Don’t use more water than you need so that the sweaters are rubbing up against each other to help them felt.  If you only have one sweater throw something else in the machine like a towel.

So you have done all this and it still won’t felt.
What do you do with it?

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