About a boy and sewing a tooth fairy pillow!

IMG_7425Over the last year or so I have been sewing with four of my nieces that range in age from 9 to 13, it’s always a rewarding experience and so much fun.  My nephew come with to drop off his sister and is so disappointed that he can’t join in as he’s a little too young.

So it seems that I have been promising for almost a year now to give him a private class.  He reminds me every time he comes over to our house!

Last night we finally did it.   He designed, cut (mostly), hand sewed, stuffed, and managed the sewing machine pedal.  He chose a luxurious green cashmere for the tooth — and we stuffed it with cashmere scraps.  100% recycled material except for the thread.

He can’t wait for his tooth to fall out and his big sister and cousin insist that they have more teeth to fall out and want to make one too!

Many thanks for the pattern to Larissa of mmmCrafts


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A feltmaker and guerrilla seamstress since 2006. See what I make and where I'll be http://www.feltwerker.com
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2 Responses to About a boy and sewing a tooth fairy pillow!

  1. Larissa says:

    Adorable! I’m so impressed he made it himself. Great job!

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