How do you organize your button collection?

Button Mason JarsI have been saving buttons from sweaters that I repurpose for about 6 years or so.   I recently had my nieces over for a craft party and realized that my buttons are a mess.  The most important thing about buttons is to be able to find the one you want easily! This was not possible with my buttons scattered over several different areas and not sorted completely.

So I am happy to say that I am starting off the year with a newly organized collection.  Here’s what I did:

I decided to store them all in one location and to organize by color and sometimes by style into recycled containers such as: plastic food containers, checkbook boxes, cookie cans, medicine bottles, and my favorite — glass mason jars.

The problem that I run into is, what to do with the buttons when I first harvest them!  I usually wind up with a bowl full that I have to sort at some later date.

Here’s my current solution.IMG_7311

I keep a spool of wire or thread at my work table, as I work I cut off the buttons and thread them onto wire. The wire is sturdy enough to keep on adding buttons as I work.  When I am ready to put them into containers, I snip the wire between sets of buttons….this has worked great so far!

How do you organize your buttons?



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