My tent flipped last year and I’m grateful!

My tent was old and leaky, but hanging in there. It was an EZ-UP that I purchased in 2003 from Sam’s Club.  It lasted until 2012 — and I probably do 15 to 20 outdoor shows a year!

It was a freaArt In The Barn Poster 2013-page-001k accident while setting up for Art in the Barn last year.  I had just staked in two legs when a gust came up, filled my tent like a parachute and flipped it over my car, parked nearby.

Why am I grateful?  Because the kind organizers fit me into an inside space in one of the historical buildings on the grounds of Good Shepherd Hospital.  So that’s where I will be again this year — and now that I see some rain in the forecast for Saturday,  I am doubly grateful!

And yes I do recommend EZ-UP tents if you have limited car space and set up by yourself.  Just be kind and patient to your tent and hopefully you will have good luck like me!

Look for me in the Mill Room #7


About Feltwerker

A feltmaker and guerrilla seamstress since 2006. See what I make and where I'll be
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