A perfect day in Chicago for Art Fairs!

Today is absolutely gorgeous, I almost wish I was participating in an art fair today, but just as thrilled to have time to spend in my garden, which has been sorely neglected the past couple of years.   Can’t wait to plant my tomatillo and eggplant seedlings and install my garage sale purchase of a brand new in-the-box drip irrigation system (actually I could wait to do that, but now or never.)

Celosia golden and burgundySo if you are already done with your gardening and going to the farmer’s market here is a terrific line-up of art fairs and events taking place this weekend in Chicago

Old Town Art Fair one of the nation’s best is 64 years old this weekend truly for the art lover!

Well’s Street Art Fair this is Old town’s wild younger sister at only 39 years old look for art, music and beer!

Midsummer Fest – this street fair features lots of art in one of my favorite neighborhoods for walking and sightseeing.  Lots of restaurants and shops.  Make sure to check out the Galleria which features many different artists all under one roof.

Bellwether not so much art fair as an art happening!  This one is brand new and a mixed bag of art, performance art, vintage, music, food and drink.

Have a great weekend!


About Feltwerker

A feltmaker and guerrilla seamstress since 2006. See what I make and where I'll be http://www.feltwerker.com
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