Fiberlicious Cupcakes in Oak Park and Woodstock!

I’m one of those people who has no use for cupcakes.  Don’t get me wrong I love sweets of the chocolate variety, but cupcakes??? Just don’t get it!

penny circle cupcakes

So it was a big surprise to me when I came up with a cupcake pincushion!  My goal was to figure out how to reuse all the plastic containers that I had been saving.  So I started making them into pincushions and cute little containers.  The shape of the container totally makes them look like cupcakes.  Plus  I have been having fun making penny circles and they make great toppings.

PincushionscupDon’t despair if you have no need for a pincushion I have converted a few of them to little containers for your treasures.

Hope you can stop by and see them on Saturday in Oak Park at What’s Blooming on Harrison

or on Sunday in downtown Woodstock.

And the best part is they are sugar and fat free!


About Feltwerker

A feltmaker and guerrilla seamstress since 2006. See what I make and where I'll be
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