Why would you wear fingerless gloves?

One of my most popular sellers is my fingerless gloves!  I get a couple of different reactions when people see them for the first time. They love them and are excited to see them and try them on right away!  Or they say: “Why would you wear fingerless gloves?  I need the fingers, my fingers get cold!”

So I thought I would answer this last question here.  The answer that I usually give is that you need fingerless gloves anytime you need to work outside and use your hands.  Especially in the Spring and Fall, not so much in the winter.  Some people wear them under waterproof mittens or over leather gloves.

So I thought I would create a list of people, professions or reasons why you would wear fingerless gloves:

  1. Vendors (like me) who do many many outdoor shows
  2. Photographers
  3. Musicians
  4. Marching Band members
  5. Smokers
  6. Soccer Moms
  7. Moms with small children
  8. Motorcycle passengers
  9. Bicyclist
  10. Skier
  11. Walker
  12. Driver
  13. works indoors in a cold environment (I do!)
  14. works at home and keeps the thermostat done (Yeah!)
  15. Gets cold easily
  16. Cashier
  17. Arthritic hands

And last but not least– you are addicted to your cell phone!


About Feltwerker

A feltmaker and guerrilla seamstress since 2006. See what I make and where I'll be http://www.feltwerker.com
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2 Responses to Why would you wear fingerless gloves?

  1. Resweater says:

    They are also fabulous for anyone that works at a computer! My fingers get cold in the winter, but who can type with fingered gloves on? I love your fingerless gloves… i’m going to have to figure out a way to sneak away from my booth at the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair, so I can buy some from you! 🙂

  2. junebea46 says:

    I think cotton ones would be great for driving on hot summer days to prevent burning your hands on the steering wheel.

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